Face the Waves Instrumentals - Digital Album

Face the Waves Instrumentals - Digital Album

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In the summer of 2017 Chelsea was invited to go white water rafting. She enthusiastically accepted the invitation, but as the date of the trip approached, her imagination ran wild and she started feeling terrified! By the time she climbed into the boats she was practically shaking.

Then a funny thing happened... As long as she remembered and obeyed the last thing the instructor told her to do, she wasn’t afraid. By the end of the trip she had not only paddled through the rapids, but even swam through some of them!

How much time do we waste worrying about the future? How often do we focus on the rough waters that lie ahead instead of the one who called us to step out? As we focus on God’s guidance today, tomorrow will take care of itself… Because God is with us and He’s got this! With Him, we can “face the waves”! 

About the album:

  • 11 instrumental pop/soul songs with nods to blues & jazz.
  • WAV files in a zipped folder.
  • Produced in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada by producers Fraser Campbell and Adam Sutherland.
  • Title track “Faces the Waves” won a 2019 Covenant Award for Urban Song of the Year.
  • Nominated in nine 2020 Covenant Award categories (winners TBA March 21, 2020).
  • Nominated for a 2019 Western Canadian Music Award in the Spiritual Artist of the Year category.

Track listing & previews:

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